Our consulting services are billed on hourly rates specific to the service provided. We are happy to give fee estimates based on a defined scope of work, or work on a flat fee quote when possible. We bill clients for support personnel at a clerical hourly rate.
In addition to fees quoted for services performed, we charge out-of-pocket expense incurred on behalf of the client, including travel, copying costs, overnight delivery charges, long distance telephone charges, and similar costs.

We bill monthly and are happy to provide itemized and detailed statements for review. We request payment of our invoices in full within 15 days of the billing date. If any client has questions or special requirements for billing, we are pleased to respond.
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Learn more about our Homeowners Association services
Our services consist of consultation and assistance with document preparation, which typically include a declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions, as well as the bylaws, articles and other related governing documents for the community association.

Learn more about our services for Clubs and Groupsservices.html
Reserve studies for asset repair and replacement for owner associations, developers and private clubs.

Learn more about our services for Developers
We often consult with developers on issues relating to community association operations, particular during the period of developer control, plus services to her your project registered for sale, as needed.

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